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September 2003 Press Release

Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries Presents Fleet-Wide Program

LOS ANGELES, September 4, 2003 -- Those who wish to relish unparalleled dining at sea while enjoying traditional Jewish cuisine may now experience the “World’s Best” Itineraries line. Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries’ Kosher-style Dining Program offers a broad range of kosher selections which are prepared according to traditional recipes.

“We pride ourselves on providing not only unparalleled service but varied cuisine options for all of our guests,’’ says Toni Neumeister, Crystal’s vice president of food and beverage operations.

Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries strives to accommodate the special needs of those guests for whom kosher cuisine is important. In addition to vegetarian and fish entrées, Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries offers kosher meats, poultry and prepared dishes that can satisfy the kosher observance of most guests. Although Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries, Crystal Symphony, and Crystal Serenity do not have a separate kosher kitchen, all Crystal chefs, kitchen personnel, and dining room staff have been trained in kosher food preparation, handling and serving. Only kosher pots, pans and utensils will be used, and all plates, silverware and glassware will be washed separately. A selection of white and red kosher wines is also available, as well as a wide selection of desserts.

Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries requests that guests who wish to dine kosher-style provide at least 90 days advance notice prior to sailing. In addition, Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries will make every effort to respond to more individual dietary needs.

Available aboard its luxurious Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity anywhere in the world in 2003, Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries kosher-style menu features the following choices:

Kosher items available to be prepared Kosher-style

Beef Burger
Halibut Lamb Rib Chop Rib Eye Steak
Soups, assorted flavors
Veal Rack
Veal Schnitzel
Vegetarian Burger
Whole Duckling for Roasting
Dover Sole
Rack of Lamb
Ox Tongue
Veal Liver
Veal Rib Chop
Veal Shoulder
Whole Chicken for Roasting
Whole Turkey for Roasting

Pre-packaged Kosher meals

Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries also offers pre-packaged certified Kosher meals. Due to the unique nature of each ship’s itinerary not all pre-packaged selections may be available on every voyage. Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries reserves the right to substitute with a similar selection. Each pre-packaged meal includes a vegetable and a starch, and many desserts are offered on board that vary with each sailing.

Baked Fillet of Salmon
Beef Bourguignon
Grilled Halibut
Grilled Salmon
Lamb Shoulder Chop
Marinated Grilled Chicken
Roast Chicken
Sliced Lamb
Stuffed Cabbage
Veal Roulade
Beef Burger
Beef Wellington
Grilled Lamb Chop
Herb Roast Chicken Breast
Lamb Stew
Red Snapper
Salisbury Steak
Sliced Turkey
Veal Goulash

Guests may consult the Maître d’ or Headwaiter with any special requests. Kosher special requests outside the listed standards may incur charges. If a Mashgiakh is traveling with a guest, at the guests’ expense, a $25 per person, per-day charge will be assessed.

Due to limited provisioning resources, the number of guests per Itineraries who may partake in the Kosher-Style Program is restricted to 20. “Kosher-Style” refers to Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries’ implementation of standard Kosher guidelines. In order to understand Itineraries - Balconies/Suites Crystal Itineraries’ “Kosher-Style” definition, please contact Onboard Guest Services at 1-800-446-6620, Option #5.

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