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Single Balconies/Suites Silver sea Itineraries Single Balconies/Suites SilverSea Attire
Single Balconies/Suites Single Itineraries Single Single Balconies/Suites Silversea Attire Single Balconies/Suites Silversea Attire

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Single Balconies/Suites Silversea Relaxed Elegance

Shipboard Attire ranges from casual to formal. Casual resort wear is appropriate for daytime aboard  ship or ashore. Evening attire falls into three categories: casual, informal, and formal. Casual evening dress does not require a jacket for men. On informal evenings, ladies usually wear dresses or pantsuits; men wear jackets, and ties are optional. Appropriate formal evening wear for women is an evening gown or cocktail dress; men wear tuxedos, dinner jackets, or dark suits. Sailings of eight days or less feature two formal nights, while longer Itineraries typically have three or four formal nights.

Single Balconies/Suites Silversea Informal Wear

Single Balconies/Suites Silversea Informal Wear

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Single Balconies/Suites Informal & Casual Nights Predominate

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A Casual Night

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