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Dear Prospective Guest:

   Wine aficionados will be pleased to know that Silversea's on board complimentary wines number at least 50, nearly evenly divided between reds and whites. 
The impressive variety of vintages includes bottles from France, Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and the United States, and firmly establishes Silversea's complimentary wine list as the most extensive in the Itineraries industry.

      A Riesling by Robert Weil, a winemaker revered by Kaiser Wilhelm II, depicts the regal vineyards of Germany; the rich history of Tuscany's wines will be included in a selection from Montepulciano. In addition, there are red and white wines from the most famous regions in France, Spain and New Zealand, and delicious dessert wines, including a Noble One created by De Bortoli.

     In true Silversea style, the line recently sent its experts to Christie's in London to acquire vintages for the Connoisseur's List*  from the most highly regarded châteaus and vineyards at auction. Some remarkable vintages added to the reserve include Premium Familiae Vini from Pol Rodgers, Robert Mondavi, and Mouton Rothschild. Many of the rare bottles purchased at the Christie’s Auction have just come of age and are at their prime for savoring now, but with an eye towards its prosperous future, Silversea has also purchased a selection of prestigious wines that will reach their maturity within the next several years.

Las Vegas, Nevada
E-Mail: Steve@Single Itineraries

     *The Connoisseur's List is a premium-for-purchase selection designed for guests seeking rare and hard-to-find vintages.

Philipponnat Champagne

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